The Practice of Intentional Faith Development:

Finding ways to nurture Your Relationship with God

By Philip Brockett, Pastor    –    October 19, 2023

Thanks for being on this journey with me of considering “Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations.” Last Sunday we considered the practice of “Intentional Faith Development.”

Here are five time-tested practices for faith development:

  1. Daily Connection with God:
    The practice of daily connection with God is foundational to our spiritual growth. Historically, believers have followed the practice of starting each day in conversation with God, aligning their hearts and minds with the Spirit. Maybe morning works for you or maybe it’s some other time of day. Whenever it is, take some moments to pray, sense God’s presence with you, and open your heart to receive some divine wisdom for your life.
  2. Scripture Study and Meditation:
    Where do you go for guidance and inspiration? Christians have discovered that the Bible is an indispensable source. Diving into the Scriptures allows us to deepen our understanding of God’s purpose, promises, and intention for our lives. Not sure where to start? Reach out and I’ll give you some suggestions.
  3. Fellowship and Worship:
    Connecting with brothers and sisters in Christ allows us to share our faith journey, celebrate God’s goodness, and encourage one another. Gathering together for worship stirs our spirits, ignites our faith, and invites the Holy Spirit to work within us. See you in Church!
  4. Practicing Gratitude:
    By cultivating a grateful heart, we shift our focus from our lacks and deficits to God’s abundant blessings. Expressing gratitude allows us to recognize God’s faithfulness in our lives and opens our hearts to God’s continuous grace and goodness. Gratitude is a choice and if we choose, we can give thanks in every circumstance, and by so doing, discover that our spirits are uplifted and our faith flourishes.
  5. Serving Others in Love:
    Reflecting the heart of Christ by serving others is a transformative practice that propels us forward in our spiritual growth. Jesus taught us to live selflessly and to consider others’ needs above our own. By reaching out to those in need, offering acts of kindness, and showing compassion, we become vessels of God’s love in this world. Through service, we experience firsthand the grace and mercy of God, and our faith is strengthened as we witness the transformative power of Christ’s love in the lives of others.

As Christians, intentional faith development is an ongoing journey of deepening our relationship with God. May these practices guide you on your path of spiritual growth, drawing you closer to God, and enabling you to experience God’s love and grace in new and profound ways.