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Our Stewardship theme for 2023 is “From Bread and Cup to Faith and Giving.” Receiving the bread and the cup—also known by names such as Lord’s Supper, communion, holy communion, Eucharist, breaking of the bread, sacred meal, and simply “the table”—is at the center of Christian community. At first, it may seem surprising to think about stewardship in connection with passages that focus on the bread and the cup. But such texts often imply themes central to the spiritual practice of generosity. Indeed, as the title of this series suggests, partaking of the bread and the cup should lead to faith and giving.

At the table, God uses the loaf and the cup as visible signs of God’s pure, unbounded love for us and for all. When we partake of the bread and the chalice, we embrace God’s unconditional love as the basis for our lives as individuals and communities, and we commit ourselves to live in God’s ways of love for all.

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