On March 16, 2021, our Social Awareness Group had the privilege of welcoming Curtis Ray Davis of Decarcerate Louisiana, author of the book “Slave State: Evidence of Apartheid in America” to our Zoom video meeting.

Curtis has a phenomenal story to tell. He was arrested in 1990 and charged with 2nd degree murder for a crime that he did not commit. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison and remained in prison for 25 years until he was pardoned in 2016. However, as a result of what he endured, Curtis now believes he is doing what he was called to do. His mission is utilize his voice to reform the current legal system by educating individuals and groups on what today’s penal system is like, preventing injustice for all, breaking the school to prison pipeline, and other issues related to a society bent toward justice.
Curtis has written and self-published a book of essays entitled, “Slave State: Evidence of Apartheid in America.” He is a friend of our own Nettie Parker Bauman. You won’t want to miss this conversation. You can view the video here.