Day time Book Club – Next meeting October 19,2017

The next meeting of the Central St. Matthew Daytime Book Club will be October 19, 2017 at 10 am at the home of Nancy Marks.  We will be reading The Ambassador’s Wife by Jennifer Steil.  If you need directions call Nancy at 337-739-5485.

The book is available at Amazon for $14.99  in the kindle version, and $15.51 for paperback.  The New Orleans library has 2 copies and the Jefferson library has 4.

From the Amazon web site:

“When bohemian artist Miranda meets British ambassador Finn in the ancient stone streets of an Islamic city, the course of her life alters in extraordinary ways. Their marriage gives her the luxury to paint whenever she wants, a staff to wait on her, and a young daughter she adores, but she loses the freedom to wander where she likes and to meet the Muslim women she is secretly teaching to paint. Her husband also makes Miranda a target: One sunny afternoon while hiking in the mountains, she is brutally kidnapped.

As Finn struggles to save his family and his career, and Miranda grows close to a stranger’s child in captivity, the secrets he and Miranda have each sought to hide place them and those who trust them in peril. Not even freedom could restore the happiness that once was theirs.”